Scope of ECAAIR Activities in Uganda

ECAAIR works in the framework of the following activities; advocating for diversity, inclusion, and gender equality through community programs, community education for peace, unity, and development among vulnerable groups, publicizing and campaigning against the violation of fundamental rights of indigenous and peasant populations, empowering victims of gender based violence, promoting sustainable development for indigenous and forgotten communities, lobbying to reduce poverty in forgotten areas or populations, providing legal assistance or advice to indigenous communities, empowering families affected with HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, malaria, tuberculosis, and such vices as drug abuse within said indigenous communities. These activities target minority populations. Pygmies are our primary beneficiaries and their surrounding communities are indirect beneficiaries.

ECAAIR Uganda administers 3 main programs and offered activities which support and promote health, peace and human rights for our clients. The three main programs are: (I) “Stand UP” Program, (II) Peace, Human Rights and Health Education; and (III) Support of Children’s Education.