Peace Education


Since 2003, ECAAIR has joined the United Nations and all the peace makers around the globe to promote peace, harmony and human rights (as enshrined in the United Nations Universal Declarations of Human Rights) for all members of our human family through different activities which include;

a) the United Nations International Day of Peace Week and (b) Peace and human rights awareness raising education in Canada

United Nations International Day of Peace Week

Since 2012, ECAAIR has dedicated the week of September 21st each year with educational and awareness activities which focus on issues related to peace in the community and in schools in regions and countries where we work. This is in conjunction with the United Nations International Day of Peace.

Each year has its theme for the celebrations. 2015/2016 year’s commemoration theme by the United Nations was “Partnership for Peace for All” which aimed to highlight the importance of all segments of society to work together to strive for peace. As part of the September 21st educational and awareness week in Canada, 2015/2016 ECAAIR has undertaken different activities in schools and in the community. Activities include:

(1) Presentations in schools and in the University of New Brunswick and Fredericton High School


ECAAIR staff engages an interactive dialogue about peace with students at Harvey High School in N.B.

(2) Presentations in the community and public celebrations (through music, dance, poetry and public speaking). Example on 21st September 2015 over 600 people, 23 community and ethno cultural organizations were involved and participated in activities such as the Filipino-Canadian CommUNITY of New Brunswick, the Muskarat Singers St. Mary’s First Nations and the Irish Community of New Brunswick. Over 30 artists from across Canada and USalso participated. They included: Goatbox Rebel from Toronto, Mike Bravener from New Brunswick and the Satellite Group from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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The Muskarat Singers performing on the occasion of the International day of peace celebration held at officer’s square in Fredericton N.B


The Satellite Group performing in one of the International Peace celebrations organized in Fredericton, N.B

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The Bhutanese community performing at the International Day of Peace in Fredericton, N.B.

C:\Users\Owner\Downloads\10646751_10152691444885726_2155338428950683823_n.jpg C:\Users\Owner\Desktop\usbkey\One-folder=1\IDP 2014\DSC08355.JPG
Youth from the Irish Community of N.B. performing at the International Day of Peace Celebration in Fredericton


ECAAIR Executive Director (right) exchanging ideas with the Jewish Community leader (left) in Fredericton at one of the Fredericton Peace Events organized by ECAAIR

C:\Users\Owner\Desktop\ECAAIR-report\IMG_0124.JPGJudy Coates- coordinater of the CISV Fredericton, Hon. Matt DeCourcey-Fredericton MP and CISV youth presenting during the International Peace celebrations in Fredericton.

(3) Public awareness events. Example in the year 2015/2016 ECAAIR Conducted many public events such as a proclamation of the peace day by the Mayor of Fredericton, N.B., 300 publications with messages of peace education displayed for 2 weeks in public libraries and in schools in Fredericton and in Ottawa reaching out to 4,000 people (those messages were sent in the year 2014/2015. They include greetings from different leaders of Canada such as the Governor General, the Premier of New Brunswick and the Mayor of Fredericton). A sample of those greetings have been attached on this report as ANNEX II. In addition billboards, posters, peace and United Nations flags were put in streets of Fredericton for 2 weeks.

C:\Users\Owner\Desktop\ECAAIR-report\IMG_2146.JPGDr. Woodside Mayor of Fredericton right, Dr. Njoku ECAAIR Board President second right, Mrs. Conners ECAAIR Board Member left and Mr. Mwenengabo ECAAIR Executive Director second left raising the UN Flag at the City Hall of Fredericton in celebration of the UN Peace Day

ECAAIR Executive Director addressing the Local Government at the City Hall in Fredericton, N.B

(4) Media (radio, TV, printed Newspapers and social media) outreach campaigns to promote peace each year. Example in the year 2015/2016 ECAAIR media outlet included the BellAlliant media group (radio and TV), CBC Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (radio and TV) and CJPN la voix dela capitale reaching out to 300,000 people.

C:\Users\Owner\Desktop\ECAAIR-report\DSC00583.JPGECAAIR team lead by the president holding a banner for the International Peace Events

b) Peace and human rights awareness raising education in Canada

As part of our peace and human rights awareness raising education in Canada ECAAIR conducts 2 activities including (1) Public Education for global peace/human rights and (2) Peace awareness and Public Education for the DRC. Examples:

(1) Public Education for global peace

2015/2016 ECAAIR has carried out different educative activities for global peace. Those activities have included presentations in schools and in the community bringing together over 1,550 participants this year. Example of main educative activities for global peace carried on by ECAAIR are:

– The African Night Event held at the University of New Brunswick held on 04/04/2015 brought together over 600 participants including academics, politicians and members of the community and 23 community organizations in Fredericton. This event included cultural expression through music, poems and dance. In addition ECAAIR led conversations focused on the role of scholars and members of the community to promote a world that is inclusive and peaceful for all.

ECAAIR presenting at the University of New Brunswick during African Night; an event that brings together over 600 participants to learn and celebrate peace. Event sponsored by ECAAIR

– November 23, 2015, ECAAIR in partnership with the City of Fredericton held a Peace Vigil in front of City Hall in Fredericton, in remembrance of the victims of terrorism around the world. Local, provincial and federal politicians attended the event including the Mayor of Fredericton, the Deputy Premier of New Brunswick and the Member of Parliament for Fredericton. Other politicians who attended include the Green Party and New Democratic Party leaders. In addition dignitaries and members of the community attended including, the Chief of Police, ECAAIR president and church leaders. Statements by the governments of France, Kenya and Lebanon where part of the messages read at the event. 60 participants joined the event, 6,000 people were sensitised through different media outlets such as radio, TV and Social media. In addition, lights were turned out in the City of Fredericton and church bells rang for a minute as a sign of solidarity.

C:\Users\Owner\Desktop\ECAAIR-report\WnRQv-VWidxaaE6cIwJv17j6cQ3lHNljOKwJqf8MOY0,cu7iJuzIRxWwMvgxlM5zOI3Xxg7QXZ_tDLuIaGvBuWc (1).jpgThe Deputy Premier of N.B., the Mayor of Fredericton, the Fredericton MP and Chief of Police among other dignitaries join ECAAIR president, team and community to educate and pay special tribute to families and victims of terrorism around the globe

(2) Peace awareness and Public Education for the DRC

Since 2012, our organization ECAAIR adopted, in remembrance of the victims of the war in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to educate the general public and policy makers to create the institutional and political will to prevent violence in DRC and support peace. The DRC war also known as the world war of Africa has seen over 6 million people killed since 1998 to 2003, making it the deadliest conflict worldwide since World War II. Millions more have been displaced from their homes or sought asylum in neighbouring countries with rape and sexual violence against children and women being used as a tool of war to humiliate and control communities. A 2007 UN report has named the Congo as the rape capital of the world with 48 rapes reported every hour.

2015/2016 ECAAIR has made a great deal of progress and reached out to over 9,300 people in communities, schools and high learning institutions in different provinces in Canada including those in British Columbia, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Quebec. Communities reached out to included the: West Branch United Church in Antigonish, Presbytery Church in New Glasgow, Presbytery Church in River John, Salem United Church in River John and the Pictou Presbytery UCC, Perth-Andover Aglican Church, Wilmot United Church in Fredericton and the Sunset Church Fredericton.

Schools and high learning institutions reached out to include: Jeunesse Catholic du Québec; Centre jeunesse de Montréal – Institut universitaire and Metis Beach School in Rimouski – Québec; North Nova Education Center in New Glasgow; New Glasgow(Women’s Centre); NSCC Nova Scotia Community College; Northumberland Regional High School; St. Francis Xavier University; Barrington Community Learning Centre; University of New Brunswick; Fredericton High School in New Brunswick; Bath Middle School in New Brunswick and Kelowna School in British Columbia.

C:\Users\Owner\Desktop\ECAAIR-report\DSC08317.JPG ECAAIR team after series of public peace education activities in different communities in Canada

C:\Users\Owner\Downloads\886285_999375310120277_5577621208284313840_o.jpgStudents at Northumberland Regional High School listen to ECAAIR Presentation Regarding Peace in DRC

C:\Users\Owner\Desktop\ECAAIR-report\IMG_0001.JPGLynn Fournier, a teacher at the Metis Beach School in Quebec translates ECAAIR staff presentation through art